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Listening to this awesome track, with the awesome flash, keep it up!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks! I will haha


This was brilliant the Fight Sequences were awesome, the animation was awesome the story line was awesome.
When i clicked on this thought it would be a stupid bunch of pictures with a hell load of writing, im terribly wrong it was brilliant to watch really Well Done!

Id liked Ryu's super move to have changed a bit he seemed to do the same lightning attack every time, although it was Good, it got slightly repetitive.
Maybe when he Kill's Sub-Zereo at the end a slower-motion clip would be better.

Also nicer if Ryu was further away from Sub-Zero, so that his lightning attacked travelled further.

All in All Excellent!
Keep it up!


An actually Good animation, got quite repetative though i find adding motion to music in games/movies is very hard, Well Done!

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Not to bad!

This game although one that has already been done by many other animators is all in all pretty good. Id not say that this game should be properly reviewed because it is missing key things that it doesnt have.

The menu is pretty easy to see but instructions would be better if you used text. Also the same if you created better pictures to go with the "Story".
Including more "things" would make the game overall more fun, more Levels and better quality of Icons in the game. Music something interesting to keep the tension. More sound effects.

Overall interesting idea and game but needs Tweaking.

Maximus98 responds:

THANK YOU!!! Please visit this game often, beacuse i am making new levels soon. Ill fix the menu,and ill see if i can draw the story...


this game was alright it was annoying because of the slow speed you had to move and amount of enemy planes.

1 question. why is it called 1946?


This Game was so Simple to use, but actually quite hard, its incredibly addictive, and you really kick yourself when Planes Crash this is beng favorited!

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Pretty Good.

This battles you i think the previous reviewers have a different kind of taste in Rap to other rappers so...

Basically Slap raps weird but he does it in a good way he has a strange energy and that mixed in with some sick rhymes makes SICK bars. So ima say im a bit of a fan of that although his voice does get kinda annoying it seems like a skill in itself :P

Wyze is a real sweet rapper. I love his harsh vocals and pinpoint punchlines this kid seriously has some skills. Although i can see why people could get bored of his generic same flow rap voice. Which is completly different to Slap.

The beat is also pretty original and Slap really compliments the beat in such a way it makes his whole rap + lyrics a lot better. So props to him for rising to the beat.

All in all i go for Wyze he suits my personal style of rapping with hard vocals and dangerous lyrics. Great Battle guys!


It's hard to tell whats worse FatBeats or HeavyUrb but ima go with FatBeats, Im not here just to moan but FatBeats is let down by his quiet voice + quality, his 2nd verse is a lot better and towards the end his flow fits very well with his lyrics.

Heavy Urb has a voice that sounds good at rapping although his flow sounds just wack to me. Lyrics were ok but.. just doesnt go well with the beat.

Overall both rappers were pretty terrible (sorry) FatBeats should try and rap harder and raise his voice. Whereas HeavyUrb should work with his flow.

All in all FatBeats (although fatbeats im the King British rapper on newgrounds)

hmm... Madflex!

This rap was good it had hardcore voice styles with realistic rhymes and exciting flow!

glitchs2d - His mic quality was good his first verse was based just at the begining so the backin beat had not really started yet but i think his voice suits the general slow feeling of the beat. His rhymes werent incredibly powerful but with a perfectly paced rap fitted well. His 2nd verse worked just aas well although every now and then i found that his voice was perfectly ready for the lyrics he was spitting.

MadFlex - The slim shady of this battle his mic quality was perfect as well as his voice which went well with the fast beat. His rhymes were perfect placed for great attacking fluidity. The 2nd verse was great as well was interesting i liked how he used an "intertextual device" by comparing glitch to other rapper throughout other battles. As well as an interesting lyrical formation his rhymes worked well throughout this. Also the whole powerful rhymes struck down glitch in many different ways.

All in all great!

But...... MadFlex - glitch was to relaxed and his voice and lyrics were to relaxed and just werent up to scratch even though very good!

I'm just a kid who has a passion for music.. but hey what'do i know?

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