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NGHH - Slap vs Wyze NGHH - Slap vs Wyze

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good.

This battles you i think the previous reviewers have a different kind of taste in Rap to other rappers so...

Basically Slap raps weird but he does it in a good way he has a strange energy and that mixed in with some sick rhymes makes SICK bars. So ima say im a bit of a fan of that although his voice does get kinda annoying it seems like a skill in itself :P

Wyze is a real sweet rapper. I love his harsh vocals and pinpoint punchlines this kid seriously has some skills. Although i can see why people could get bored of his generic same flow rap voice. Which is completly different to Slap.

The beat is also pretty original and Slap really compliments the beat in such a way it makes his whole rap + lyrics a lot better. So props to him for rising to the beat.

All in all i go for Wyze he suits my personal style of rapping with hard vocals and dangerous lyrics. Great Battle guys!

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NGHH - Fat Beats vs HeavyUrb NGHH - Fat Beats vs HeavyUrb

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It's hard to tell whats worse FatBeats or HeavyUrb but ima go with FatBeats, Im not here just to moan but FatBeats is let down by his quiet voice + quality, his 2nd verse is a lot better and towards the end his flow fits very well with his lyrics.

Heavy Urb has a voice that sounds good at rapping although his flow sounds just wack to me. Lyrics were ok but.. just doesnt go well with the beat.

Overall both rappers were pretty terrible (sorry) FatBeats should try and rap harder and raise his voice. Whereas HeavyUrb should work with his flow.

All in all FatBeats (although fatbeats im the King British rapper on newgrounds)

NGHH'11 - glitchs2d vs MadFLeX NGHH'11 - glitchs2d vs MadFLeX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

hmm... Madflex!

This rap was good it had hardcore voice styles with realistic rhymes and exciting flow!

glitchs2d - His mic quality was good his first verse was based just at the begining so the backin beat had not really started yet but i think his voice suits the general slow feeling of the beat. His rhymes werent incredibly powerful but with a perfectly paced rap fitted well. His 2nd verse worked just aas well although every now and then i found that his voice was perfectly ready for the lyrics he was spitting.

MadFlex - The slim shady of this battle his mic quality was perfect as well as his voice which went well with the fast beat. His rhymes were perfect placed for great attacking fluidity. The 2nd verse was great as well was interesting i liked how he used an "intertextual device" by comparing glitch to other rapper throughout other battles. As well as an interesting lyrical formation his rhymes worked well throughout this. Also the whole powerful rhymes struck down glitch in many different ways.

All in all great!

But...... MadFlex - glitch was to relaxed and his voice and lyrics were to relaxed and just werent up to scratch even though very good!

[Assios] - A Perfect Match [Assios] - A Perfect Match

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was such a feelgood make you feel happy song. It included everything you would want from a dirty dance piece. I like the way it mixes several genres that are slightly different tohgether.

The House, the dance, the dubstep.

The general beat was good the house parts feel very good with the exciting rythm and pattern of the beat was great. The piece slips into the dubstep genre very well it really express's a chorus like feel. The syth's were also great they really made the song the light-hearted piece it was and filled you with excitement and enthusiasm.

This would be good for an exciting flash of any kind but it is so good it would have to be put into a perfect context to suit the music becuase it is that good.

All in all well done!

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Assios responds:

Thanks! :D

Deep Exit Deep Exit

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Exciting, Happy!

This piece connects you by making you feel incredibly happy as well as slightly sad. But a good happy of jumping around at party's an interesting happiness. The synths are of great quality you real "made" a song just by using a catchy syth pattern.

The beat is used with generic beats but although that useally isnt very good i feel in this like a retro ibiza song mixed up with new interesting features.

All in all exciting and interesting!

yours31f responds:

Thanks, I think I like the retro sound of the simple drums and thats why I tend to include them. Although in this track I did do quite a bit in the background with the drums but they tend to get drowned out by the synths.

The Bus The Bus

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This piece is a great improvement of general quality compared to another of your song's i reviewed. The piece is excitng and interesting your music feels very homemade to me. You utilise your voice well the stop and start and chopped voice works well i like 0:52 the change in tone of your voice and contrast with the beat and high bells really works well. I like the back story to the song which i gather is some guy talking to someone he has seen for a long time on a bus he uses. It seems to be quite understandable thing to do.

Overall it is lacking in many ways but a lot better in many as well. Im sure at points the voice could be chopped better to stop "clicks pops, breaths" and other unnecessary sounds being included. Also the beat has too much of a generic sound.

Overall impressive!

farfenwaffle responds:

Thank you! I was going for "nervous guy talking to girl on the bus"

I will focus on the voice work, audio editing is a bit hard for me and I can't figure out that inexplicable clicking noise.

How does one make a beat less generic?

alone / where alone / where

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

ehh.. Descriptive but Negative

This piece is kinda confusing the build up makes you feel a rather bit excited the darkness of it the unknown. When the strings start it all builds up and you expect a hard core beat or exciting rythm to begin but.. nothing happens.

The song is definitely descriptive it depicts real sad, scary emotion's and although you lose yourself about what the point of it is at times it is refreshing brilliant.

Something about it grabs me and i can't help liking it. It includes every thing a song should include. Emotion and a steady change in audio devices but.

The song is defintely good i find it may fit into ambient as well as miscellaneous due to the feels it clearly depicts. Begining to make the song more excitng at times a change of pace a different less generic scream, More stops and starts.

All in all pretty different but definitely Music good job i say.

farfenwaffle responds:

I would love to put some kind of beat in, I'm not sure how I would!

Thank you for liking it, I'm quite surprised :)

MoL- Frozen Embers MoL- Frozen Embers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Happy Useful!

This piece is very good i like the combination of the Bells and the steady rythm of the drums. It all works tohgether nicely it reminds me of happy times of christmas. The Melody is good it does compliment the other parts of the song and shows a decent purpose.

Towards the end of the song at 0:40 i feel like the voice gets to mixed up with the melody which has been going on througout the song.
The dynamics of the voice are too loud and it gets to repetitive.

Great. This piece shows potential but an ambient but also useful "Video Game" tune which could be used well in a exciting flash.

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MeteorManMike responds:

Yeah, something screwy happened after saving it. Maybe overloaded the processor or something, doesn't sound quite right.
Anyway, glad you liked it! I'll be remixing this for a later phase of my game.

Death of an Ingrate Death of an Ingrate

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This song is kinda different it really a mix of several genres. You must feel emotionally connected to this song due to why you created it and your past memories of that time. Most of the song i enjoy.

I find if you probably added backthe guitar it wouldnt be quite as good. The backing beat is done well you it feels harsh industrial but sorta video gaming at the same but it really does compliment your voice. Kepping the cymbals was good it helps keep the general feeling of harshness.

Your voice is good is good i don't listen to much death metal i have your voice sounds very much the same and you control the pitch of your growls well.

I find that if you turn the dynamics of the backing track down and your voice up we'd feel more of your better.

All in all different but enjoyable well done.


Rahmemhotep responds:

Thanks for the review, originally the song sounded way different and it's hard for guitarists to play since in the main riff (the riff it starts with) it's all palm muted downstrokes (and they have to be downstrokes specifically) and at that pace, it's a hard thing to do. Also the part at 2:02 is played differently from the way I wrote it down, it's always been as such.

Really now, the vocals should be louder? I always thought I had them too loud so I tried to get them to be where they are now. I mean, it's also hard to record those growls/screams because they're really damn loud so you have to put the mic away from you. Hmm... Perhaps I will mess around with the volume levels then.

Superimposed Superimposed

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This piece is very different its not all in your face but then again it has its bright moments that you can really enjoy.

I have heard some of your other pieces and your style is very original im glad you did put this piece into ambient becuase it compliments the genre.
The build up is interesting and exciting. The high bells give a relaxing feel and help paint an elaborate relaxing but also exciting picture.

I like the way the tempo of it speeds up towards the end it keeps the listener engaged with the music but it does not completly fit with the constant beat also the end is rather abrupt and because it is an ambient piece of music it sholud be stretched over a longer period of time to stick with the slow build up of the whole song.

All in all an exciting but interesting piece.

farfenwaffle responds:

I wasn't sure what to do at the end, sadly. I appreciate what you have to say, thank you for liking the song.